About Jyotikunj


Welcome to Jyotikunj Education Foundation (Pvt) Ltd. We hope it will assist you in understanding the nature, purpose and procedures of the school.
Jyotikunj is an English Boarding School located at the east of Rambazar, Pokhara. It is running under the joint leadership of Mr. Balakrishna Sharma and Mr. Puran Konwar.
We are proud of the opportunities offered by JEF. We are also proud of the students, parents and staff who make this a special place for learning. We hope your child will take advantage at these unique educational opportunities. We are glad/happy to have your family join the School Family.

We at JEF believe in the equality of all our children, their self awareness, free will, creativity and potential. We seek to create community which fosters mutual understanding and respect, and encourage the full intellectual, creative, social and spiritual life as the basic framework of school life.
We recognize the importance of understanding and co-operation between individuals and groups. Whatever their religious, social and cultural backgrounds. We believe that education must encourage awareness of our changing world. We also feel that a curriculum must be designed to help and develop the students skills, knowledge and confidence in order to enhance their ability to bear the responsibility of life.
As a boarding school we seek to provide in the residence and dormitories a system of care, support and discipline in which students enjoy with their families at home, incorporates as far as possible, the best elements of family life.
All new students enter JEF on academic and social probation. At the end of the year the performance of each new students is reviewed. Depending on the student’s academic and Social progress, next semester he/she may be take off probation, continue on probation, or his/her enrollment may be cancelled.
If a student receives two failing mark, and/or two poor grade in any term, the subject or class teacher will contact the parents /guardians to draw up a plan to help their child. If, the student does not improve by the end of session, his/her enrollment may be cancelled.
The School working calender is divided into four parts; First Term, Second Term and Third Term and Final Term. Full detailed Programmes of activities will be published in the school calendar given in the back page of this Diary. The school begins at 9.45 am and ends at 3:55 p.m. and -Guardians registered in the school file. No child should communicate verbally with anyone who is not registered on the file.
In case of emergency please obtain written permission from the Vice Principal, Boarders may leave on the last Friday of term. Students are expected to fulfil their homework and Saturday responsibilities even outside the hostel. Students should return to the hostel by 5.00 PM the evening before class resume. Please do not request that they return on the morning class resume.
Our academic session begins from first week of Baishak and ends on Chaitra. Application forms for the Academic year will be distributed from the office. Admission will be based on Merit, Previous school records, the school entrance test and interview. Vacant places will be announced on the school Notice board or in the local Newspaper.
Day Scholars Beginning To Board/ Boarders/ Day Boarders :
It is advisable for day scholars to board, however short term request will not be considered. Requests for students to begin boarding should be submitted to the Hostel Superintendent which is available from the Hostel office. Parents will be notified as soon as a day scholar is granted permission to being boarding.
Any queries regarding day scholars entering the Day boarders/hostel should be addressed to the Hostel Incharge/Day Boarders through the Principal, 431305.
Withdrawal from Boarding :
When a student is to be withdrawn from boarding during the years parents must give written notice directly to the Hostel Superintendent at least two months in advance through the Principal.
Activities :
Every students is a member of one of four school Houses. School functions to attend or participate in are frequent activities suited to different age groups. School have different clubs. A student may become members of any two class.
Activity and sports day/week is popular part of the school curriculum in which all students participate. It is a learning experience which takes place outside the class room, in which students are involved in a wide range of activities.
English As a Medium of Teachings :
All subjects are taught in English at JEF. Students are strictly expected to speak English as a Second language. Students will be able to conduct all of their regular courses in English by the time they are ready to enter class IX.
All students go home during Summer, Winter, Dashain and Tihar vacations. Detail of all Vacations and Holidays will be published in the School’s Calendar.
Finances :
Parents are billed for school fees, Hostel fees/Day Boarders and Incidental items that their son or daughter needs during the month. Statements of account are sent monthly. If you do not receive your statement please let us know. Payment should be made upon receipt.